The Daily Commuter

I wanted to show images of people, places and things I see on my day to day in a point of view others may not see them in.


The fixie bike rider


Palm trees in and out of the shadows


Open roads


Reflections of the light rail


The commuter


Life of The STREETS

Today I decided to do some lifestyle shooting. So I went to two random people to start this series off and asked to photograph them doing what they love most. This will be a daily assignment for me picking out two or more random people a day. Stay tuned…

Todays people of choice consist of:

Hurricane Rick – The Guitarist (age 67)Image



Jim Brown – The Shoe Shiner (age 64)ImageImage

It’s Not The Camera

I will be shooting a series to show that it’s not the camera that makes a great outcome of a photo shoot. So I will choose a model and shoot them one with my camera phone then also with my professional camera.

I always hear people say “what kind of camera do you use?” and to me, personally I don’t think it matters that much. If you’re a good photographer you can do just about anything if you have the talent or proper training.

I’m doing this just to prove a point to photographers that don’t have the best equipment. The camera is not everything!!! The only difference between professional cameras are the quality if gives out and features.

So guys and gals, stay tuned to what I will be presenting to you all.

New Studio Space

My first day shooting in the new studio space I have was a blast and I have plenty of images to choose from. The models were outstanding and my make up artist Toni Avery really did her thing. The first series was a soft natural look for each model then the second series was all about abstract & texture. I’m currently doing all my post work so images will be available to see in a couple of days.

I look forward to sharing my photographic experiences with you all as the days go on.


Wonderland musical

Last night I got to go to my very first Broadway Musical and saw Wonderland with family and friends. Seeing musicals give me more respect for actors. I enjoyed this show more then most movies I have seen. On top of the acting and singing I got to go to dinner at Bubba Gumps and it was Deeee-LISH!!! I love seafood. The drinks were great and I even got to take my glass home and that was a first and I been there more then many times lol.

Now I really look forward to seeing more musicals and plays. Then after the show we saw this dope Bugatti. This car had us going bananas. A must have car when I make it big lol.  #bigdreamer

Dream Big…Work Hard…Be Successful


Beauty Shoot

Here are the final images from my latest beauty series with two models.

Hair styled by Tywan Williams
Make Up provided by Toni with Avery Cosmetic Design

I had a blast doing this shoot. These girls were such fun and full of energy. I know I will be working with them again. Such great girls!!!

Click the link below to see the video as well as the images.

The Beauty Shoot